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About me

I earned a Master's degree in Sports Science from the University of Urbino (IT). During my master's program, I conducted research at the "Molecular Biology of Exercise" laboratory, focusing on investigating molecular markers of muscle degeneration in individuals with uncomplicated Type 1 Diabetes. This research was carried out in collaboration with the University College Dublin (IE), where I spent a semester engaged in study and research activities as part of the ERASMUS project.

Following the completion of my master's degree, I continued my research for 18 months at the "Molecular Biology of Exercise" laboratory as a research assistant. Here, the study of Type 1 Diabetes was associated to the exploration of the consequences of congenital disorders of glycosylation on muscle development and functioning. During my time in this laboratory, I gained independence in fundamental molecular biology techniques, including cell cultures and the extraction and analysis of DNA, RNA, and proteins from both cell and muscle tissues.

Subsequently, I pursued a PhD in Neuromuscular Physiology at the University of Padova. Throughout the doctoral program, my research focused on understanding the effects of muscle disuse, aging, and Type 1 Diabetes on the neural control of muscle force production. I developed proficiency in the use of the High-Density surface Electromyography technique (HDsEMG), handling both data collection and analysis independently. The work with HDsEMG not only enhanced my understanding of neuromuscular physiology but also expanded my expertise in signal processing techniques and coding (mainly Python and MATLAB languages). This effort led to the creation of openhdemg, the only open-source framework for analysing motor unit properties detected via HDsEMG. I successfully defended my PhD in December 2023.

Currently, I hold a Postdoctoral position at the University of Brescia, where my research is focused on investigating neuromechanical alterations induced by the use of industrial exoskeletons. Concurrently, I continue developing the openhdemg framework and I serve as an internal collaborator to the Inception project.

Curriculum Vitae

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